Time to rethink the KIT LENS idea?

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Re: Time to rethink the KIT LENS idea? Not hardly!

Your sentiment is good but you are fighting the known demographics. Something over 75% of existing DSLR owners buy only 2 lenses for their camera in their lifetime. That is the sole reason the camera makers have 2 lens "kits". All the other lenses in their lens maps are done to capture the business of the remaining less than 25% of DSLR buyers. Putting out better ($$$) kit lenses means their kits are not competitive against their rivals price wise. That would hurt their business worse that any other thing they could do wrong. We are that remaining 25% and we tend to buy bodies not kits. We may have bought a kit in the past but now we know better. Since most of their business is that sell and forget 75% do you think there is any valid reason for what you are asking for? I don't see how.

The problem with F4 lenses is they are much more expensive than the cheap F4.5-5.6 kit lenses. Pentax already has a full lineup of F4 zoom lenses from 12mm all the way to 250mm.

As for the zoom vs. prime lens issue that horse was beaten down late in the AF film era. The majority of buyers, when thay had a choice for a starter lens, picked a zoom over a prime. The camera companies saw the writing on the wall and acted accordingly. Primes are a niche market currently, not mainstream for the camera makers.

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