Walmart, widow in nasty suit over family photos (article)

Started May 24, 2014 | Discussions thread
smafdy Regular Member • Posts: 494
Re: Walmart, widow in nasty suit over family photos (article)

For 35 years, or so, the once-clear line between employee and contractor has become blurred (to the obvious detriment of the middle class). Of course, TPTB argue from whichever side benefits them, at any given moment. To these people, labor is like Schrodinger's freekin' cat: it's potentially an employee AND a contractor and/or not, at any given moment.

I think the photog's family should prevail, for a number of reasons (among them being things such as receipts for expenses incurred by the Waltons in running this guy's photo business).

Sadly, in our current political climate, I have little doubt the Walton's money will grease the wheels of justice to run the widow down.

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