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Re: Monopod with feet

Marfinites wrote:

I was now reading the customers reviews one the Manfrotto mf 560b-1 and found this...

"Unlike the larger 561BHDV monopod, this thing is damn useless. It acts like a big spring and the footage is constantly shaky.
If anything, get the larger version, it is amazing. Or get yourself a Fancier FC-270A, it's a really great tripod at the same sorta price range."

I liked the fact that the 560B1 was cheaper and lighter the the 561BHDV... However the main reasing i'm buying it is stability. I need something that is fast to mount and gives me stability. For a semi stable monopod i got cheap one...

What do you say about this commentary?

Thank you!

Depends on what you use. I covered a protest a few weeks ago with the monopod and a fully rigged dslr with 70-200 f2.8 and while I would n't say the monopod acted like a big spring and bounced around it probably wasn't the most stable, but then monpods by their very nature of only having one leg require good technique to get the best out of them. When I use my m4/3 kit with it then it is a wonderful combination.

As time goes on I'm using shoulder rigs less and less, the monpod gets used a lot for run and gun and for everything else its the tripod. The tripod is perfect for stationary work that is largely static, the monpod is great for mobility. As with anything in life there are compromises. You can't expect rock steady support from a monopod. Make sure that the support you use is capable of supporting the weight of the equipment you use as well. I would n't put a an EOS 1Dc with 300 f2.8 on a thin noodly $20 tripod and expect steady results.

I shot this video usiing the Manforto 560b, an Olympus EP-2 with a 12-50mm, a 17mmm, a 40-150mm and a 60mm macro. It's not academy awards stuff just a video from a family holiday.

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