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Dr Paul
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Re: Personal comment with appreciation - thank you all for your kind consideration.

Dr Paul wrote:

I am not sure if this comment will be deemed appropriate, but I want to share some things related to this forum, photography, processing, and life.

My re-entry into photography a couple of years ago has been very important to me at several levels. In my work I deal with a great deal of human struggles, pain, and some profound victories. My personal life has been rather complicated with normal, but difficult life and family burdens over the past few years. Photography has NO role in my life other than a place to engage without pressure, expand my mind and soul through an artistic exercise, and maybe just plain distraction.

Interacting with people through seeing photos and occasional dialogue from Mexico, Germany, Texas, California, Russia, Hong Kong, etc. has been a refreshing and encouraging experience. So much of the work being done is so very excellent, and refined! But the technical learning and discussions are not the only value. Places I will never go, scenes I am happy to have viewed, ideas I would not have found in isolation, skills that are becoming a possibility, humor, kindness, commentary, and quality are all quite valuable.

Please forgive me if this seems too melodramatic, but I have found these forums, especially B/W, to be a place of respite and freedom to explore and see that has been important somewhat, if not far beyond just the sensors, lenses, programs, etc. I find it important to show honest appreciation to others. So, thanks for your posting, sharing, the images, input and advice, and your patient guidance and receptivity to questions and input.

Sincerely, Paul

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Paul K

Thank you to each who have affirmed in your own diverse ways my thoughts and experience.

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Paul K

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