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Re: I do not want to see this notification EVER

Simon Joinson wrote:

glasswave wrote:

Simon Joinson wrote:

GodSpeaks wrote:

Give us the option to turn the notification OFF.

ASAP, as in yesterday.

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Simon Joinson, Editor-in-chief

Dear esteemed Mr Joinson,

Please accept my profuse apologies for making any request, but I fear that I stumbled upon this thread while in search of similar help. I understand that as merely a DPR customer, I don't really have the right to ask, but, I also, find the notification flag to be very annoying. There are already many ways see what threads have replies and the reg flag, that is almost always on, is a hassle to mark "as read" several times a day. Thus, if it could be possible and it is not too much of a burden on the resources of, I too would like to humbly request for an option to turn this feature off as well.

I closing, I am, and shall remain, reverently and obsequiously yours,


Until we add the new features that we have already said are planned, instead of 'marking all as read' you can click on 'stop receiving notifications' (in the drop-down menu) for each thread as soon as you get one.

Ah, ha. It would have helped if you mentioned that it only appears on mouse hover. thx.

In the last 2 weeks you have posted in an average of 0.9 threads per day, so hopefully it won't be too onerous!

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