Should I make the switch from Nikon D600 FF (and all the lenses/accessories) to micro 4/3?

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Raj Gupta New Member • Posts: 14
Should I make the switch from Nikon D600 FF (and all the lenses/accessories) to micro 4/3?

I know this is a loaded question and lots have people have asked similar questions, but I'm trying to sort out a few specific issues.

I've been a Nikon shooter (amateur) for about 8 years -- D70 -> D300 -> D600.  I went to the D600 because I really wanted the low light performance and the higher quality images from a FF sensor.  Overall I've been happy with the images coming from the D600 (except for the oil spots which are being addressed right now), but I'm really getting tired of carrying all my gear around everywhere.  It often makes me want to just take my iPhone to certain events.  On trips, this becomes a bigger problem since we enjoy hiking and I'm often the pack mule for my kids' stuff along with the camera gear.

I'm looking into the Micro 4/3 world, especially the Pany GX7 and I'm very impressed.  So my questions are:

1) Should I get rid of all the Nikon gear (about 6 lenses and a flash) so I can beef up on the camera and lenses on the MFT system?

2) Am I being short sighted since I'm just catching the tail end of the MFT trend and everything will be bigger sensors on the mirrorless cameras soon (like the Sony a7)?

3) Am I going to instantly miss the D600 and feel like I'm having the same shortcomings as my D300?

I've invested so much in the Nikon equipment, it's hard to let go.  Has anyone else made this transition? Any regrets?  Am I just being a pixel peeper or do I have some valid image quality and functionality concerns about going to MFT?

Thanks to whoever is willing to suffer through this whole post and still be willing to reply.



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