I was late to the party....

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Fish Chris
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I was late to the party....

...so I did not get the full scoop on this tiny little new born fawn. But from what I gathered, it had become trapped, or stranded somewhere on one side of the road, while its mother paced back and forth off the other side of the road. So this guy had gotten it out of its predicament, and was delivering it to the other side of the road.

{note: these people knew, and you should too, that handling, or even getting too close to a baby deer, could turn the Momma' into a VERY dangerous animal, that could kick the living #%$#$% out of you ! Everybody was keeping an eye on Momma, and this guy was ready to put it down, and run, at any second.... but wanted to get it across this fairly busy road, first....}

All worked out okay though, and the fawn took off with its Mamma, as soon as it got back to her...

Cute though, right ?

My hike was a blast though 1685 ft....

Their were a few spots {like this one} where you would see it coming up, but not be able to see the actual trail, and you would start to wonder, "Is this even possible" ? A few spots required two feet + one hand, to get through... You can see the trail, top, right...

My home lake was looking nice. Never saw it from up here

Can you find the Turkey Vulture IF ?

Wildlife was tough... harsh light, pretty hot and dry... but This little bird just really wanted to have its photo taken  Of course when the coolest ever little Towee (or whatever it was) popped up, I missed that one Next time....



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