Oly 12-40 Lens Hood Capture

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Re: Carrying the camera....

Guy Parsons wrote:

Always with hood on and lens cap off so is ready to grab and use quickly. ....

I see way too many people with cameras slung over shoulders .......

Maybe I'm too cautious but in over 50 years of using system cameras have never damaged anything and have only lost one thing, ..........

Regards.... Guy

I too have been carrying cameras for over fifty years including a period of almost twenty-five years professionally and can't remember ever damaging or losing anything (unless you count brassing of black bodies) but that was until I bought my first Olympus; the EM-5.                                            I very quickly lost its hot shoe cover and later its eyecup, and now my 12-40 hood (my EM-1's hot shoe cover also has a tendency not to stay fully located.                                                                                                                               The JJC lens hoods for my 14-150 and ex-12-50 locate extremely well, much better than my OEMs.

So with hard use of many brands over the years, it's only my Olympi (with careful amateur use) that I've had these kinds of problems with, and I do REALLY like my EM-1 & 12-40.

I also carry with the hood on and cap off (no 'protective' filters either) and on walkabout I have  the strap on my right shoulder with the camera itself laying just behind my right forearm, I've recently discovered 'Matin' straps and mine has a wonderfully grippy shoulder pad.

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