Some street from my past

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Some street from my past

some of these you have seen all are newly processed

Circa 1977 Leica M2 35mm summicron tri-x

This is the oldest of the group. 1967 Leica 3C and ninety mm Elmar uncoated

circa 1985 Olympus Om1 fifty mm Zuiko

Fuji 645 S  hp5 plus

Olympus OM1 hp5 50mm Zuiko

about 1992 or so Olympus OM4 35mm Zuiko ( I think)  hp5 plus.

Each of these images represents something different I see and look for when trying to shoot street. I do not always achieve the goal of getting you to see the same.

In the first image despite having his back to the camera its a classic teenage slouch eloquent at least to me. For the second I saw a boy  who wants to play and this needs no further explanation I think.

the folks around the water fountain in the duck pond in the commons I was attracted to the formation which looks for all the world like a dance and expresses a lot of movement what I call photographic tension which has to do with suggested motion.

I think this says sneakers as well as I can say it. funky probably smelly lads sneakers which are an Ikon for youth. Finally in the last one I say a woman who is very strong and very patient waiting for her husband Brother Blue to finish his story telling.

John aka bosjohn21

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