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yray wrote:

monographix wrote:

It is good feedback though a comparison with the 120-400 too. I am interested ofcourse in a comparison with the 120-300 as i had that lens too and believe it or no i sold it after one year of no successful use to keep my trusty 120-400 until i manage to get a 200-400, and thats because the 120-300 was helpless in AF performance regarding action. It has been always a hit and miss with the AF, i couldn't rely on this lens, comparing at least to the consistency of the AF performance of the 120-400.

I don't believe it. Seriously, I've used 120-300 with D300, D700 and D3s and it has been wonderful for action shooting. Something else must have been wrong. IMO, 120-300 is a super lens, just too big and too heavy to be used casually. And its bokeh is to die for.

With static subjects was exceptional, superb, awesome, but focus was rarely correct with fast moving subjects especially inbound or outboung (even slow) and especially at the long end of the lens (to mention that already is not a real 300mm at 300 but quite less) And that even after two calibration and check sessions, one to Sigma Germany and one to Sigma Japan ....

I am not the only one reporting AF performance inconsistency and poor motion tracking with the 120-300. Even with the S version some people are not satisfied with its inbound / outbound motion tracking. Many people have given up on 120-300 for action. I have great bird test shots from it but its a subject i couldn't care less. For some reason beyond my understanding, tracking vehicles is way more successful with my refurbished 120-400 so on the field the unreliable 120-300 was sitting packed replaced by the trusty 120-400 (keepers score comparison aprox 15% vs 85%).
I coped ok with the 120-300 weight and its great OS was quite helpful. Fantastic optics for sure. When nailed focus the results were amazing. Even with the 2X TC if backed down the zoom a bit to lets say 280 and @ f/8 i had test results indistinguishable from the IQ of the lens without TC.

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