San Lorenzo ; Roma ; A finally completed essay (20Pics) :

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San Lorenzo ; Roma ; A finally completed essay (20Pics) :

I have shot this project last year and also posted here some pictures .... but free time and work were very difficult to balance in order to edit properly this work ...... Sadly just now , the actual economic crisis leave me some more free time , so in this last month i have decided to edit and complete that project .

For who that have not seen my previous post last year , here's a quote from it to understand what i'm referencing at :

San Lorenzo ; Roma :

"Tucked behind the Termini train station, just beyond the ancient Aurelian walls, San Lorenzo began life in the 1880's as a ghetto for southern Italian railway workers. It has seen more than a few incarnations since then—from bombed-out World War II casualty to college town—and in the past 10 years, a whole new character has emerged. Urged on by students from La Sapienza University and the Institute of Photography, a burst of bars, clubs, and restaurants opened their doors, and the graffiti-strewn pre-war palazzi that once housed working-class artisans have been transformed into hot destinations for the city's fashion-forward set.

Although in San Lorenzo there are some of the best graffiti artists , pubs , and every kind of emerging interests..... and also some riot political movements ..... it was not my intention to capture them ....but rather the weird , colorful environment and mood of living across this in a sunday morning..... when the area is empty , almost all is closed , and only a little few of very locals are around...."

My goal was rendering this place giving to the photographs a certain consistency in colors , light , and an observing mood just from inside some corner , road .......intimate but wide urban views..... through the impression i got , and composing them not an emotive way but rather like a urban observer of what San Lorenzo can also offer at the viewer when all is calm and the town can show itself in a way that is really hidden in the others moment of the week .

These are not meant to be street photographs .... they are only related at this place and the aesthetic i chose for it .

Pictures N. 3, 4 , 5 , 8 and 20 would be not new for who just saw my previous post .

Don't feel afraid to express critiques , this work of mine is really something i would like to get the most sincere opinions from all of you , since t's important for me ......

I know these are too many pictures to get some specific feedback , but i'd would be happy also with your impression on the whole , if you don't have time.

Btw , i'm also happy if you think that there is room for improvement , or also if you enjoy it ...or not ....

Too much words .... Here's the pictures ... All with M9 and 28Cron :

Regards , Gianluca

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