My A6000 review: an easy 5 stars

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José B
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My A6000 review: an easy 5 stars

I've been using my Alpha 6000 for about a month now and extremely impressed by its performance. It's a substantial upgrade to the NEX-6 starting from the menu system which is more user friendly with the A6000. The handling is better too because I find it easier to grip than the NEX-6.

The AF-speed is just like advertised-----super fast, almost DSLR-like, especially with my Sonnar 1.8/55. I thought it performed admirably with the difficult subject coming at me (whether running or walking) scenario as well as subject in heavy back lit situations. There's only one scene when the AF of this combo hunted-----it could not focus on subjects with black clothing and black background. Other than this, the AF speed and accuracy were outstanding thus it warrants a Great rating for sports/action. Only my Canon 1DMKIII is better in this regard.

As I mentioned the menu system is very user friendly. With the touch of the Fn button I can easily change my shoot settings. I am also able to customize three camera settings in Memory which makes life easy when I am doing outdoor model shoots.

Also, the system is so light I can do some stuff that are difficult to do with a heavy combo of DSLR and fast lens. For example, I can easily hold the Sony flash with my left hand (flash connected to A6000 via cable) while gripping the camera with my right hand. I've done this already with my Touit 1.8/32 lens and it is so fun to use.

I find that it is great for low light but with the caveat that I am shooting with the fast Sonnar lens. The general IQ of high ISO images considering it uses an APS-C sensor is great. I normally turn off the NR and if need be I will use Nik Dfine 2.0 to reduce the noise. Only my full-frame Canon 5DMKII is better in high ISO IQ.

The A6000 is superb for portraits, the dynamic range is just fantastic! Low ISO images are silky smooth. I normally shoot RAW + jpeg but almost always pick the jpeg in portrait setting because it is outstanding!

I have not used the A6000 for kids/pets nor have shot any video thus I left the ratings blank. The lenses I've used for my A6000 are the aforementioned Sonnar, Touit, Zeiss 1.8/24 and 16-70/4 OSS.

My strategy was to skimp on camera (not to buy the latest & greatest) and splurge on glass has worked for me very, very well. The added bonus is that for me the A6000 is Sony's best mirrorless camera in terms of overall AF performance and image quality (especially with premium glass) at a very, very reasonable cost!!!

Here are some samples:



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