First Impressions: Very Good

Started May 20, 2014 | User reviews thread
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Re: First Impressions: Very Good

I took the Tamron out for its first test spin this past Saturday on my Canon 70D.  I spent 16 hours driving around back-country ohio (for my blog,, taking roadside photography shots.  About half were handheld, the other half used a car window mount (a ballhead mounted to a car window--equivalent to a tripod in terms of stability in most circumstances).

My first reactions were fairly negative and at the moment I feel disappointed.  I did not expect it to be a whizbang lens, but even given my expectations, the photos were less sharp than I had hoped they would be.  The lens was often slow to focus and when the autofocus was set to a distant point, sometimes had difficulty resolving any focus at all.  One set of five bracketing shots I took had some odd blurs or smears on them that I can't account for.  Luckily, that only showed up once.

Roadside photography, which often requires fast in-and-out photography (because of other traffic, mostly), can really use a good flexible lens (even a good superzoom), because often one doesn't have the time to change out a lens.  But my first reaction is that the Tamron may be inferior to the 18-135mm kit lens I had been using.

I am a relative novice at serious photography, having been at it only a little more than a year, so take these impressions with a healthy grain of salt.

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