Group shot 30 feet across a pool ( indoors )

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Re: Group shot 30 feet across a pool ( indoors )

Wafin wrote:

Wow...that sounds like a tough shot.

With my basic understanding of flash, adding another flash will only provide a minimum of 1/2 stop of extra light. Probably not going to help all that much except it might fill in an area that the other 2 flashes can't reach especially at 30ft away from them. You'll also loose flash power shooting through an umbrella. Really at this distance I don't know how much the flash will help other then adding a catch light in their eyes.

If you wanted to have some separation from background and the back row of teammates, you can position some speedlights behind and firing upwards to create a neat effect but it would depend on how much time you get to have with the team to tinker with the settings.

I'd see if natural light would be an option and tell everybody to stand still.

I'd be wary of any reflections off the pool water. A neat shot would be if the pool is totally still and you can get the reflections of the team in the water too.

I hope you post a photo or two of the final shot. I'd love to see how it turns out.

Good luck.


It turned out fine except, this was the beginning of all the rain and storms we had a month ago so only less than a third of the swim team showed up.....truly craptacular. will post soonest

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