Canada: A6000 $550 18-105 $550

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Re: US: BHPhoto $509.95 18-105 ! ! !

123Mike wrote:

forpetessake wrote:

123Mike wrote:

HOT! Get it now!

You mean a used lens? The new lens is listed at $598.

Forgot to mention. Used, yes. Is probably fine though. It's a reputable place.

Firstly, a 15% discount for a used lens will hardly entice anybody. The risk is too high there is a defect to consider a used lens, which is only a few months old. A 40-50% discount is more appropriate to make people consider taking those risks.

Secondly, B&H is no more reputable than any other place, which is buying and selling a used equipment. In the past I had a misfortune buying from them a $1500 used body with a hidden defect, which became evident only a couple months later.

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