Photographic stiffs :)

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Fish Chris
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Photographic stiffs :)

Alright, now I'm in a great mood... so nobody mess it up LOL

I have discussed this on other DPR forum sections in the past, but not sure how many here go to those sections, so...

Basically, it's pretty much agreed upon, that HDR photography is a HUGE hit, with the non-photographing general public, yet it completely looked down upon by many (most ?) pro's.

I've been shooting for 15 years, and definitely not a pro, but I happen to love HDR, myself

Lest anyone think I only know how to shoot crazy looking, surreal, hyper-detailed HDR shots, go take a peak in my gallery. More wildlife, than anything. And some landscapes... but about as natural as it gets. Okay well, my landscapes of late, might look a little different LOL


But here's another one... slow shutters for soft water. General public loves it (and so do I) pro's tend to hate it.

Obviously their will always be exceptions to these things ^, but generally speaking.

And quite honestly, I think all of this kind of attitude against HDR, soft water, or basically any technique which alters the original in what is perceived to be an unnatural way, could end up being $$$ in my pocket.

Simply because I have an open mind to the kinds of stuff the general public likes to see.

I wonder how a pro would feel, if he finally did some HDR just to prove he could do it.... and then all of his friends and family liked it more than anything he'd ever shot ! Ouch LOL Of course he could go to a photographic forum,where their are lots of pro's, to be consoled LOL

It's kind of a little weird for me... I know how hard I have tried to get the best nature and wildlife shots that I could possibly take, but then, I shoot my first few HDR's, and I promise you, I've never shot anything else, that has gotten that kind of attention {okay... maybe individual wildlife photos, for one reason or another, but I'm talking, my nature / wildlife as a whole vs my very limited collection of HDR work.

Anyway, I know people are going to like what they like, but IMPO, some of them should probably lighten up a little bit. Do something crazy Our photos are not governed by some sort of strict photography laws, unless their our own



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