mFT/camera industry: time to better adapt to smart phones?

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Re: Just publish the interface

Impulses wrote:

But there ARE technical reasons why adding RAW transfer over Wi-Fi wouldn't be a simple tweak of the existing app. Phones don't have a RAW viewer to begin with, so they'd have to code one from scratch or buy up one of the existing ones... Plus how do you select which one to transfer? That furthers complicates the process and the app.

Raw files have a low resolution JPEG embedded in them.  It's there for things like selecting images.  Your phone would not need a raw viewer, it just has to pull out the JPEG by copying it byte for byte from the correct location in the raw file.  You would not want to make a big print from the embedded JPEG but it is fine for previewing images

I do not like raw + JPEG mostly because it adds the step of deleting the JPEGs either before or after I import the raw files into Lightroom.  I also do not entirely trust the Android file manager.  Unlike file managers on computers it does not act like it was written to handle the concept of removable media.  I still use my OTG cable but write protect the cards before I put them in the reader.  Most likely paranoia on my part but I would rather transfer the files through WiFi while I am doing something else.

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