mFT/camera industry: time to better adapt to smart phones?

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Re: mFT/camera industry: time to better adapt to smart phones?

The level of interest and development between a flagship device like a Galaxy S and the next tier down (any other Galaxy, or even a year old phone) is pretty huge btw. Just look at the number of threads between each at a place like Xda (each device model has it's own sub forum), developer interest can be fickle. Outsourcing firmware at a professional level would be disastrous for something that's just supposed to work and work right every time, and building in the underpinnings for an app ecosystem isn't as simple as some make it sound.

The easiest way and the way which would generate the most interest would be to build upon something like Android, as Samsung has tried, but that has huge repercussions towards the camera's processing and battery requirements as well as it's responsiveness etc etc. Plus it still doesn't guarantee you can really open up every aspect of the camera for experimentation or app development, you could surely do more of that than the little Samsung has done but there's lots of technical and logistic reasons not to do so... For starters, Oly doesn't have control over every (or maybe even most) of their components.

The more you open something up the easier it is to break or put into an unusable state, and people ALREADY complain about complexity of Oly's menus (that could surely be improved but it's a different subject), support costs would go up etc etc. I like tweaking and messing with my devices as much as the next geek, I love Android, there's a little Android decal on my car window... But that kinda model isn't fit for every device and market. I want my camera to just work, same with my DVR (probably why HTPCs never took), same with my car, etc.

Good connectivity is great IMO, and there's still room for improvement there, but the massive amount of money it'd take for any camera maker to completely rethink their software/firmware strategy would be better spent elsewhere (for M43 it should probably go towards better marketing).

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