Hong-Kong by Pascal Riben: the sleeper

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Pascal Riben
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Re: Hong-Kong by Pascal Riben: the sleeper

Vidau wrote:

4x5 Guy wrote:

distracting. It's the attention to those little details that is needed to be a good photographer.


It is bad form to criticize your critics. Rather than commenting on those that upset you, just let them go. Don't even respond with a thanks if it is not heartfelt. The fact that you enjoy creating tension with a sense of surprise, intentionally adding elements that seem not to belong, does not mean everyone will enjoy that style. And, they are free to not like it. Shouldn't make you pause or react. That response is, to a degree, what you are after. Seems to me, anyway. Personally, this is not my favorite but more because of the tones I find bland--especially the pillar--and the snorer's shiny face.


What criticism?..........4X5 Guy insults Pascal with his sentence: "It's the attention to those little details that is needed to be a good photographer." Pascal all ready is an excellent photographer, Who is 4X5 to treat Pascal as a novice?

I think the Pascal answer is it is very suitable.

Thank you Vidau! But 4X5 didn't want to insult me: he really thinks that "the left arm and a bit of the left foot of that person behind the column to be very distracting." as he should have read in some book...

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