mFT/camera industry: time to better adapt to smart phones?

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Re: mFT/camera industry: time to better adapt to smart phones?

Outsourcing software development can be a nightmare, it'd be tricky for apps, let alone for whole firmware updates. I'm a tweaker by nature, and a computer engineer so I dabble a fair bit in programming, I've seen lots of wonderful things from the developer community at places like Xda. They often go as far as fixing lots of bugs that devices ship with or improving functionality when they're really motivated and efforts are concentrated behind one flagship device. I installed plenty of custom ROMs and kernels on the first few smartphones I had (my N5 is rooted but mostly stock).

However just as common as those scenarios are droves of buggy or unfinished apps, let alone the ROM projects that are abandoned due to lack of interest or lack of technical resources. No matter how much you wanna open up a device, the drivers and software for certain components is often proprietary and you can't distribute the code freely. Or do you think Olympus builds the Wi-Fi chip in their cameras? They don't even make the image sensors itself...

BTW, Sony already did the whole apps thing with the NEX line, and beyond a few paid apps (from Sony themselves) that just bring functionally that should've been built in (like an intervalometer), I didn't hear any accounts about what a revelation it was. Can't say what, maybe I'm wrong and there ARE some very clever NEX apps out there, but I rarely ever saw it touted as a benefit to the system. I'm all for open software development when it fits, but it's not a solution for all kinds of products.

I think there's potential for it in cameras, if anyone is better positioned to realize that it's Samsung... Their Android cameras have been very uninspiring tho, and not very open in the truest sense of the term.

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