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Re: PS re settings

SandyF wrote:

Re exposure and IMHO needing to push exposure and not underexpose the Merrill sensor: In Nevada I was usually pushing the exposure hard ... ISO100 rather than ISO200 AND adding +.3EV AND using probably too small apertures, often f/13 or f/11. (some might say diffraction set in but I wanted the maximum depth of field I could wring out with a supportable shutter speed). On a previous trip in the desert, I'd underexposed almost everything.

In initial review of the photos in the motel, I thought I'd overdone it.. ie overexposed everything this time. I had a chance to reshoot the Spring Mountain Escarpment by Bonnie Springs a second time, same general time of day, similar conditions, on the day we were departing, so I did straight f/8 ISO100. Home on my better computer, I think the f/13 +.3EV photos are probably better! I have to increase the exposure on the f/8 photos a lot by exposure slider + fill light slider to .2 or .3 I generally do not go over .3 on fill light.

My best advise: shoot a variety of settings! Experiment with processing!

At home in Virginia, I usually like standard colormode on my naturals and landscapes. On the desert photos, I think neutral is 'better' ... I recall Kendall G. usually prefers neutral.

Crazy, crazy detail of rocks & plants with that DP2Merrill; I just love that fine detail.

Best regards, Sandy
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I don't have enough experience with the DP2 Merrill, just a  couple of days of testing.

What I see so far is that the 200 ISO image seems to have more native micro contrast. The camera seem to be working it differently than the 100 ISO. However we are talking about small differences. Once developed I open them in Photoshop, and of course can add a bit of sharpness to the 100 ISO to make it better than the 200 ISO, but again, I can apply the same sharpness to the latter

I am shooting raw, at 200 ISO + 0,7 EV than compensated the exposure in SPP.

Not sure this is the best approach for any subject but it suit my tastes.

Thanks for your answers.

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