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Re: If not Pentax, then who?

Well, Fuji has been releasing some serious stuff. Small, light, fast primes, a wide-angle zoom, a fast kitlens that supposedly doesn't perform like a kit (in a good way), and two f/2.8 zooms and a supertele are on the way.

Fuji aps-c lens current in production =14

Pentax aps-c lens currently in production = 30

Number of lenses I currently own: 8, with plans to reduce that number. So no problem for me. What matters is how many of those 14 or 30 lenses I am actually interested in.

The thing also is, most of the DA* zooms are actually available for other mounts - under the Tokina brand. Different construction (no SDM - not sure if that's a downside), same optics. Just a quick search also showed up a Tokina 10-17 fisheye, 12-24 rectalinear and 35/2.8 macro. Sound familiar?

plus the 16-50 and 50-135 also were opticaly available in tokina fro canon and nikon is that a negative.?

No, but it does mean that there are more APS-C options available for other brands, and they are even equivalent to Pentax's own lenses, at least in terms of optics.

And if you take into account camera, lenses and the photographers, who has the most memorable photographs?

?? What do you mean?

I think he's asking is which camera is probably the best photographers tool rather than a fashion accessory

Maybe, but you can take a memorable photograph with an iPhone! That's very important to realize. In fact, it's the first thing to realize, way before we are talking about brands, mounts, lenses and other stuff.

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