A6000 vs. A77ii Continuous AF - Very confused

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Re: A6000 vs. A77ii Continuous AF - Very confused

I think a factor many are overlooking in this thread (even with all the heated debate from team E v team A) is that while the a6000 is showing plenty of promise for mirrorless in the AF speed and tracking department, the fact is on sensor phase detect sites aren't as sensitive as dedicated ones, this means those sites are basically inactive in anything resembling low light and back to good ol' CDAF. The A77 II's dedicated module can however focus down to -2ev, which is a considerable difference.

So yes, in optimum conditions the a6000 probably 'can' be as fast, but the A77 II will be more consistently fast in a greater variety of circumstances.

As for the price debate a couple of interesting factoids:

1. A77 is bigger which means bigger BOM, however cramming in much of the same electronics into a much smaller space often costs much more in engineering as well as more complicated production, a simple BOM list is far from an accurate 'measure' of what one camera costs over another.

2. A77 has a dedicated PDAF sensor which means an additional part to make, a couple actually when you consider it has to reflect light on that additional sensor. This sensor is also new and it's development and tooling neess to be paid for beyond the cost of pure 'per unit cost'. The a6000 however has a more complicated sensor, which while being very similar would in all likelihood have lower yeilds and thus by considerably more expensive to make per unit that makes it in to a production device. Again proving that a simple BOM isnt going to outline the real differences.

3. The mounts are different requiring quite different mechanics. The A-Mount is an older design and far more mechanical in the body, whereas E-Mount is more mechanical in the lens. A-Mounts have to have a motor in the body to drive screw drive lenses AND another to drive the mechanical aperture controlled by the body. This adds to the cost of the body, as does IBIS. E-Mount has all of these motors in the lens, which add to the costs of the lenses.

4. E-Mount itself had a cost of development, this cost is shared by all devices for a period of time after development that use that technology, I have zero idea whether E-Mount has paid for itself yet, but A-Mount certainly has.

5. In all likelihood Sony will sell a lot more a6000's than A77 II's (sorry it is true), this means that the A77 II has to carry far more development costs per unit than the a6000 does. Again it isn't just BOM that dictates cost of an item.

6. A77 II will have a higher attachement rate (lenses and accessories) than a6000, but Sony are having to sustain an ecosystem for a much lower volume system at the same time.

7. Sony don't make shutters, they buy them from someone else, shutters that do 1/8000th and have a longer mean time to failure will cost Sony more real money than those that do not. This is a real cost.

8. A77 II has more connectivity than a6000 which does add to the cost directly through the BOM.

So to sum up, A77 II uses a far more complex and expensive mechanical arcitecture, it has a bigger more expensive body with more buttons, weather sealing, control points, additonal LCD, articulation points etc. It has a new AF sensor that needs ro be paid for over X number of units shipped utilizing this sensor. It is also not going to sell in the same kinds of volume that the a6000 will, but more users that do buy them are going to buy additional lenses and buy into an ecosystem.

a6000 has a far simpler more electronic arcitecture that will sell in larger volume. It has a more expensive sensor and needs to amortise more development costs as part of a fairly young technology and ecosystem. It also needs to be more profitable on it's own without relying on attachment of lenses and accesories that the A77 II does.

Specs and price and never really that closely related.

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