SPP 5.5.3 not showing all settings

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Re: PS re settings

TonyGamble wrote:

As a postscript I should mention that my pal is now intending to buy all three - to supplement his camera kit which includes a Leica M9.

This is the kind of story Sigma should be using to advertise their cameras. Until you've actually seen what the Sigma produces, or heard from a third-party who has seen them, no amount of ad copy can do the Foveon sensor justice.

... there's a possible simile in there somewhere.  Hmmm, ... let's see.  "A picture is worth, ummm, 800 words"  No, too few.  "... worth 1200 words."  Nahhh, too many.

... I'll keep working on it and get back to you.

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