Color accuracy of Sony LCDs (Whitemagic)?

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Re: Color accuracy of Sony LCDs (Whitemagic)?

Not seeing the problem you report when using my RX100M2. Whether I view a taken photo on the LCD or on my profiled, sRGB gamut monitor in Photoshop, I'm seeing the same hues. By looking at the LCD I can clearly see the difference between what my eye sees looking at a ColorChecker card and what the camera "sees". If the camera is neutralizing the light colour temperature rather than reflecting the ambient light and is recording the yellows with a slight green cast, that's perfectly clear on the LCD, just as it will be on my computer monitor in post.

Contrast, however, very much depends on which LCD brightness setting I've selected. I'd say contrast is pretty good, to the degree that the brightness setting is appropriate to the ambient light.

I don't have a Canon camera handy to compare with, but using my Nikon D7000, I'm getting better LCD accuracy with the RX100M2.

J_dpr wrote:

How do you find the color and gamma accuracy of your RX100/RX10 LCD displays compared to other cameras. I own a couple of Canons but I find their displays oversaturated and too contrasty. It's anoying when judging a photo in the field. Sometimes I have to transfer the photo to my iPhone which has much better gamma and color in order to have an idea of how the photo really looks.

Are Sony camera displays better regarding this?


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