a6000 - the nifty beastie or X-T1 - the pricey one?

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Re: a6000 - the nifty beastie or X-T1 - the pricey one?

Clayton1985 wrote:

You are only fooling yourself if you base your comparison on cameras alone. There are reasons that the X-T1 is more expensive than the A6000 like weather sealing, better EVF, etc but perhaps not enough to justify the price difference..... but once you add the Zeiss 12, Sony 24, Sony 10-18, Sony 16-70, etc to the A6000 to try to get close to the results you will get with the Fuji system, your price advantage will be gone - especially if you buy into Fuji during one of the many lens sales. Sony rarely has anything on sale and when they do you might be lucky to get $50 to $100 off of the better lenses. And if you are just going to use the lower end Sony lenses like the 16-50 then you might as well just buy the Sony.

The sigmas are great, super sharp and good colours only with a slow aperture. but its dirt cheap, does Fuji has anything like that? Sony primes are in generally a class lower than Fujis but also a class cheaper. the 35,50/1.8 are good but definitely not fuji good, but they're much much cheaper. Sony provided both decent+cheap primes and some higher class ones like its zeiss range, the 55/1.8 is definitely one of the best AF primes out there but no fuji users even wants to mention it it seems.

Not trying to say Fuji's bad, but Sony and fuji goes different routes. Sony wants to be affordable but still tries to provide some better options in their zeiss range, while Fuji usually upstage all sony primes but are level with sony's zeiss range.

One thing Fuji wins hands down? Kit zooms. If one only uses kit zoom don't even think about sony. In fact after knowing what I like now, if Fuji sells a X-pro2 or maybe even a FF I'm likely to sell my 5r, sigmas and get a fuji with kit zoom, and with my VM40 on it most of the time. So it really boils  down to what you wanted from the system, and how much you value the extra quality fuji gives you.

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