a6000 - the nifty beastie or X-T1 - the pricey one?

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a6000 - the nifty beastie or X-T1 - the pricey one?

I initially wrote this in response to the 'Camera store tv - autofocus shootout !' thread and then thought may deserve a thread of its own.

Personally I'm not too bothered whether the X-T1 is the fastest AF in that type of shooting situation. It's not my style or how I shoot. The fact is, the X-T1 is still competing up there with the best for AF.

I need to say though, that the Sony Alpha a6000 looks to be a nifty wee beastie. It's less than half the price of the X-T1 including 16-50 kit lens (that's a great range), has a 24mp sensor, same as in the Nikon D5300 (if shooting RAW do the body, electrics or in-camera jpeg processors matter to sensor level image quality?), has great video including the video AF over a wide ISO range, is compact and light, can take legacy glass with adapter, the battery compartment and card access are unobstructed by tripod mounts, has an EVF for those times when the tilt screen is not usable, uses a Bayer pattern sensor for maximum compatibility with market leading software....

Okay, the EVF doesn't compete with the X-T1 EVF but does it need to, for those few times you might need it? Shooting with the X-M1 has changed my shooting style and perspective. I don't really want or need an EVF now apart from the few occasions when the light is too strong. In Scotland that is not so often. But for slightly more money, having a basic EVF for those few times would still be attractive.

(Aside- I'm continually amused by reviewers of many camera models. Specifically, I've just watched a few a6000 YouTube reviews and none of them 'get' the tilt screen. Some of them hardly mention it, if at all. Some give it a slight tilt in passing as they talk about something else, before they they then stick the EVF to their eye and debate whether it should be left or centre. Personally I'd prefer it on the RHS as I'm left eyed. None seem to think on that though. They do need to wise up to the wonders and benefits of tilt screens. They are not a gimmick nor only for non-serious photography. They are here, useful and significant.)

So I still would like the X-T1, but not for more than double the price of the A6000 or Nikon D5300 (and others). And the Fuji X lenses are pricey too. Sure they are top quality but that is wasted on most people, apart from a few of the gifted or top flight pros.

If they want to claim they are a quality brand, set above the rest and this is reflected in the price, then they need to tighten up the quality control to match the claim.

Over the last 10+ years, having used the S2 Pro, the S5 Pro and now the X-M1, I'm neither a troll nor a fanboy when I say that I think the Fujifilm pricing is too high and they do need to review their place in the market. Otherwise people like me will be looking at the other brand options that have the right features and are capable enough for my purposes.

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