the biggest winner in the UK local elections

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Re: the biggest winner in the UK local elections

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If you can't see the political significance behind your rose-tinted specs I can't help you, there are plenty that can so you needn't worry.

answer the point.

UKIP won 155 seats, what is your point?

You know what my point is, they do not hold a majority in any Council.

Well you asked me how many seats they hold so I told you.

If you're trying to say that this is insignificant then go and read todays papers, now tell me how many seats did the Greens win?

I am not arguing Greens vs UKIP, stop sidetracking.

Well I am considering you're attacking the Party I support for lack of a presence whilst your own party has considerably less.

A small detail you keep ignoring. And London, I'm proud to say, showed that they were not interested in UKIP.

London is rammed to the rafters with immigrants who historically vote Labour and is by design from Labour themsleves. Still no doubt you think the electoral intimidation and fraud at Tower Hamlets is a good thing, the end justifies the means eh?

As you know the overall effect on the UK economy is positive. A fact UKIP never mentions because they simply don't like foreigners

Well actually no, there is no real net benefit, you buy the lie of course.

I disagree.

Of course you do, that doesn't change the reality though.

Mass immigration not the secret to economic growth, says OECD

You are a one man party followed by a load of weirdos with offensive views like your guy in Hastings with his Third Reich tattoos.

Which has been debunked by the man himself, but don't let the facts get in the way of your bigotry Jules.

What? Did he have the tattoos removed? I could mention more of your fallen weirdos if you want.

I should stick to your own weirdos if I were you, they'll be gone next year though, I guarantee it.

No i prefer to sticj to yours as we are discussing UKIP here. That is loathsome, like, as we have repeatedly been shown, many of UKIPs choices of candidates.

What is loathsome is an attitude that tars everyone with the same brush - it's called bigotry, therefore you are a loathsome bigot, that which you claim to abhor, so by definition you are a hypocrite as well.

Green Party in Brighton and Hove faces no confidence vote

Not one other UKIP member had anything interesting to say in the run up to the elections, they just followed in Farage's wake like sheep.

Well apparently a significant chunk of the electorate thought otherwise to the tune of 155 seats, remind me, how did the Greens do again?

Contesting a seat is easy! Anyone with a handful of friends can do that. But winning the seat is what matters. How many seats di UKIP win Pap?

155 Jules, do you have the memory of a goldfish or something? how many did the greens win? as you refuse to answer I'll tell you - 17!

if you want to argue about the Greens, start a new thread. i don't. We are talking about UKIP. Keep on track pap and stop trying to diverge.

Well the premise of your argument is that UKIP don't matter, well your Party clearly matters a lot less, so try and avoid the hypocrisy if you can.

Perhaps you should concentrate on supporting your own Party instead of attacking mine, it looks like they need it.

Who is my party. Shall i tell you who i voted for on Thursday. it might surprise you. I had three votes. Two went to old friends who I have known for years and trust and am happy to have as councillors. One represented the Conservatives, one the Liberal Democrats. They both got elected. my other vote did go to the green Party because as you well know I support them for their beliefs. Sadly they were not elected. Our ward had no UKIP person because they know that around here they are not welcome and would have wasted their time.

So you voted for the LIb Dems, by your own logic a party of sexual deviants and rapists, how many examples would you like? note I am applying your own bigoted standards for fairness.

They only have two thoughts in their brains, foreigners and Brussels. You need a few more to run a country. And just in case you forgot ......they won control of NO councils in the whole country.

UKIP have no chance of running the country for a long time under the FPTP system, but that's not necessary to force change, witness the Tories and Labour panicking as UKIP split councils. I should step away from the shovel Jules, you're not very good at making a compelling argument because you can't see past your own bigotry and prejudice and clearly you don't understand the nuances of modern politics.

Why am I a bigot for have views opposit from yours.

Bigots use a broad-brush and generalise, scapegoating everyone.

With UKIP that is easy to do

Bigots do what bigots do, you're a classic example.

You know, the thing you claim to hate you actually do, so you're a hypocrite as well. I'm a UKIP supporter, I welcome managed immigration and have no problem with peaceful people who wish to make their lives better,

What is that meant to mean???

I've pointed out your own double standards, that you don't recognise it is not a surprise.

I just don't want millions of them on a small island over a small time-frame, that's pragmatism not racism, look it up.

A million Brits have left our island which is not small as far as the world's islands go.

Its the most over-populated country in Europe in case you weren't aware.

We live in a multicultural society, i like it, get used to it Pap because whether UPIP is successful or not, it's here to stay.

What has "multi-culturalism" to do with over-population?

UKIP run their campaign on fear and loathing, rather than progressive and positive ideas. You know that, and I don't like it.

See above.

The economy of our country is on the up at the moment.

Built on a house of cards, a housing bubble which is already over-heating and not benefitting anyone except those already on it, wake up Jules.

Yes we have a housing problem which is not directly caused by immigration,

So you think approximately 500K arrivals per annum is improving the situation?

fact. It is caused by banks lending money to easily. When I applied for a mortgage in 1977 I had to have been saving with a B Soc for a year, have certain funds and my application took time to process. When i did get it, i could not get the full amount for my house and had to have a top up from another bank. today people can get a mortgage after one phone call and an online form being filled. Banks in the past ten years have hardly checked whether people can in fact afford the money they lend. This is why house prices have rocketed.

What has the ability to obtain a mortgage got to do with overcrowding and a lack of affordable housing? it's simple supply and demand. You cannot have an open door policy with a lack of affordable housing, and if you do, then stand by for people to get very angry, which is what is happening in case you missed it.

We need To be part of Europe, and we, as other members of the community have the freedom to travel and work in each other's countries. I like that, you don't.

Try again, I believe in a united Europe in terms of trade, not politically, try and understand that just for once, it's not a difficult concept is it.

We do now. If UKIP cause us to leave we won't have anything.

Complete and utter bollox.

You blame, I welcome, UKIP STIR hate, I don't.

See above Mr bigot.

You blame,

Who did I blame Jules? please tell me, or even better, show me.

I welcome,

You're bigot, face up to it, you hate your own people.

UKIP STIR hate, I don't.

Get a grip, read the papers, notice how UKIP shook the political world yesterday, there's a reason for that, not everyone lives in the leafy suburbs spouting your kind of garbage Jules. Plenty live in the real world where they cannot get a decent school for their kids, or affordable housing, or a doctors appointment, take your head out of your ar$e for once.

Fact. Watch the news, read your papers and web.

You wouldn't know a fact if it hit you between the eyes.

I get on with life, you moan that everything is unfair. We both have that choice.

Well actually you came on here looking for an argument, you must be so happy, go and educate yourself and get a life, maybe even support your "happy party", they most definitely need it.

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“The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.”
Mikhail Gorbachev

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“The most puzzling development in politics during the last decade is the apparent determination of Western European leaders to re-create the Soviet Union in Western Europe.”
Mikhail Gorbachev

Here's a type example of your abusive, lying hypocritical arguing style. Failing to bet the better of me you put me on 'ignore' and now you've turned your guns on Jules. Let it stand as a record that you are the prime perpetrator of abuse on these threads, not anyone else.

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I decided not to answer Pap as he seemed to be leaving reason and logical discussion and entering a bit of hate and abuse. I truly believed that a lot of UKIP supporter's views are based on hate.

Now that's rich. Dare to show support for a UKIP policy on this forum and you are sure to be systematically abused and bullied.

Now that's quite untrue. The real question is what it is you support. And then you get discussed with and when you, having no answers, descent to abuse and bullying, some people will give you back what you dish out. I tried arguing with you 'clean' a while back, it wasn't long before you descended to type and came out with the abuse and slurs, so now I forget the niceties and just participate in the entertainment.

Quite how you have the cheek to say that is beyond me. You are the most abusive person I have ever encountered. For you the expression of mainstream views that you do not like is reason for you to launch into a tirade of personal attacks. You routinely refer to UKKKIP, you refer to its members as racists, you routinely refer to numerous posters here as bigots, racists and fascists. It gets tiresome to be the recipient of continuous systematic abuse from you. But that is your aim isn't it, to bully people whose views conflict with your own.

You routinely make abusive remarks about UKIP and its members.

He doesn't. He gives his opinion, which is negative. The fact that you class that as 'abuse' shows just why you descent into abuse yourself.

Continuous use of terms such as bigot and racist count as abuse.

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