Camera store tv - autofocus shootout!

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Re: Camera store tv - autofocus shootout!

Jonavin wrote:

chiane wrote:

But, but...they said it had the WORLDS fastest AF? I hate bs marketing by everyone.

They said world's fastest Mirrorless AF for APS-C and larger sensors. This was before the A6000 existed and the other APS-C cameras were really slow (E.g. Canon M). Yes, it's marketing BS to be sure. They can all make the same cloak because they all have specific asterisks and fine print around it.

I believe that Fuji's fine print stipulated that it was the fastest if an ultra wide-angle lens was used. At 14mm who needs to focus. Almost everything should already be within the DOF or so close to it that hardly any lens movement would be needed to achieve focus. That $900 lens is great for landscape and architectural photography, and you know that it needs to focus quickly to capture walking hills and fast moving buildings. That bit of nonsensical subterfuge successfully accomplished what it was intended to do. For a month or two there were a lot of people here that insisted that Fuji's X-cams were really the fastest mirrorless cameras around. Where'd they all go?

Same with their claim about Xtrans equalizes or exceeds fullframe performance. And their need to inflate ISO value. I wouldn't care if it wasn't for the army of guillible people who readily bought into these claims and tout them as facts everywhere I go.

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