mFT/camera industry: time to better adapt to smart phones?

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Re: Just publish the interface

Impulses wrote:

Independent developers aren't fairy dust, just because Oly publishes an open API for something doesn't mean they'll show up in droves.

While I think an independent developer could do a better you have a valid point. A better app for to replace the Panasonic image app would be very low volume and would have to compete with the completely free one from Panasonic. I am often amazed how bad free apps have to be before people will spend $5 to get one without ads that works really well.

I am not sure why you think transferring raw files is impractical. They are about 4 times larger but not everyone is a high volume shooter. Shooting raw a 16GB card is more than enough for a week long vacation in my case. I currently use a OTG cable and file manager but the process could be a lot simpler with an app to keep track of what files have already been backed up. I would trade longer transfer times for one less small item to keep track of. Whether or not I want to make that tradeoff should be my choice unless there is a technical reason that prevents it.

I get the impression right now these WiFi and the apps are regarded as pass/fail, that as long as the camera has WiFi how well it works does not matter. But it does matter. If camera companies do want to keep control of connectivity they need to start doing a better job of it. I already wrote a long rant in this thread about how I think they made location tracking clunkier than it needs to be. The remote control portion of the image app works pretty well for me but unless I start shooting JPEG the image transfer portion is useless. And the whole app has a sort of Windows 3.1 feel to it. As if "Meh, close enough" was not just the acceptance criteria but the design goal.  WiFi and connectivity are increasingly important features that people consider while deciding what camera to buy. Having really good connectivity instead of just being able to add WiFi to the list of features on a press release would be a good selling point.

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