mFT/camera industry: time to better adapt to smart phones?

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Re: Just publish the interface

The EM1 already has a mobile connection, and it's highly likely that this was done with web services on the EM1 - that is the standard for remote data services for mobile devices.

If Oly would publish those web services, they would get independent developers coming up with new and interesting ways to use that. And it wouldn't cost them one cent.

Independent developers aren't fairy dust, just because Oly publishes an open API for something doesn't mean they'll show up in droves. There's open APIs AND other incentives for Windows Phone (amongst other big software ventures) yet developers aren't exactly beating down the doors... It takes a lot more than simply publishing an API to attract attention. I'm not even sure what you guys are hoping developers would address, just because there's an API doesn't mean there'd be low level access to fundamentally alter something like the behaviour of the Wi-Fi connection...

Frankly it just seems simpler to leave all that to the phones and tablets. I'm fine with just having a good solid connectivity option for getting my photos across to those devices. Panasonic's Wi-Fi/NFC implementation actually works pretty well for me, no connection issues but I'm usually not testing the extremes of it's range either.

NFC makes pairing quick but establishing the connection itself could be a little quicker still, and removing the extra step of having to open the app first would be great (just change the nfc intent, right now it points you to a site where you can download the app even when you have it already). Not having RAW transfers over Wi-Fi isn't a big deal imo, it isn't practical right now. If I wanna transfer them for backup purposes it's quicker to just pull out a micro USB OTG cable.

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