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Re: I love/hate the touch screen on my GX7

LMNCT wrote:

I dislike touch sceens in general and especially on cameras. I have disabled the touch screen on my GX7 and find that it functions just fine without it. I tend to use the pinpoint target most of the time (get the bird's eye and you have the shot) so that remains on and where I want it.

The touchscreen AF point selection is faster than using the arrows.  When I am photographing a bird or other small subject I really like pinpoint AF.  Before I got my GX7 manual focus was often the only choice when there was some nice contrasty twigs before or after the subject that the camera could focus on.  But it is slow.  And if you have to move the focus point around it gets even slower.  My default choice for AF is AF-S with the smallest possible box.  I prefer to move the focus point instead of focusing and recomposing.  On moving subjects like pets it seems they often move before I can recompose.  With people face detect works well enough that I do not need the touch screen.

I have tried disabling the touchscreen but using the arrow keys is just too slow for setting the AF point.  I have also tried setting the camera so the touchscreen can only move the AF point while I am looking through the viewfinder which greatly reduces but does not eliminate the problem of the point moving when I do not want it too.  Right now I keep switching between that and leaving the touchscreen fully enabled and turning off the camera between shots.  Being able to enable or disable the touchscreen with a function button would be great but Panasonic does not allow that.

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