mFT/camera industry: time to better adapt to smart phones?

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Re: mFT/camera industry: time to better adapt to smart phones?

n3eg wrote:

I view things the opposite way: Phone manufacturers have tried for too long to cram too much into phones. The result is that phones have become "sporks" - i.e. trying to do too many things and doing none of them well. Every thing on a smart phone is a compromise, where something bigger can always do any given dedicated task better. Even the touch keypad suffers in performance compared to a dedicated keypad when dialing. Using the Shazam app for music ID is an example of their erratic performance - in the last version of Android, it would switch pages unless you were VERY careful selecting the app button, then once in the app it was nearly impossible to hit the back button to get to where you "tag" music. By that time, the song on the radio was over.

Until smart phones can do better, they're just the equivalent of a point and shoot with basic photo editing built in. Kodaks could do that years ago. Nothing more to see here, move along.

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Wow. Apparently a bad experience with one app has you dismissing the value of smartphones-if I understand correctly? What you decry being a "spork" is exactly why smartphones are replacing computers for most people when it comes to accessing online content, keeping calendars et al. A smartphone doesn't do certain things as well as a computer/laptop or dedicated camera because it's not expected to do those things as well as dedicated devices. What a smartphone is expected to do, and does in increasingly improved ways, is offer a portable replacement for several other devices.

Perhaps you haven't really tried using a smartphone as a smartphone, and instead think it's supposed to be used as a complete replacement for other devices?

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