Camera buying help: Nikon DSLR > Olympus OM-D

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Re: Camera buying help: Nikon DSLR > Olympus OM-D

I went through a similar evolution, from D300 to MFT (E-PL1, then GX1, then E-M5) to D800E. I think all this really depends on what your photographic goals are. My goals are as follows:

1. Light kit that allows me to take high quality photos while traveling. MFT has enabled me to this, with an incredibly portable setup that includes the E-M5, Panasonic 7-14, Panasonic 12-35, Olympus 45 and (sometimes) Olympus 75. (This used to be the territory of my D300, 17-55 f/2.8 and 70-300 VR.)

2. Highest quality landscape photography. This is definitely doable with MFT (with either the 7-14 or 12-35), but I have had better results with the D800E plus good glass. (D300 with 17-55 was good, but D800E is much better.)

3. Birding. I have had much better luck with the D800E (and before that, the D300) than with MFT. I use a 300 f/4 plus teleconverter. However, I do not have the Panasonic 35-100, Panasonic 100-300, or Olympus 75-300 - so I can't say that I've truly compared systems.

4. Everyday, walkaround. Well, I found both systems too bulky - and instead use a Ricoh GR.

For example:

- MFT gallery:

- Birding (and other uses of the 300 f/4; first D300, then D800E):

Good luck on your decision!

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