Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

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Re: Has the black Olympus 12mm lens gone for good?

NewGirlLiz wrote:

Yes, well, although the discussion has strayed a LONG way from my original question, it's been an interesting one to follow!

Thanks to those who offered information in response to my actual question - and also thanks to the others. I know that people have extremely strong opinions on this at times, but for someone who's still very new to it all, and starting to experiment a little with primes, it's an interesting discussion to follow.

Best wishes


The end of the story Liz is that the black lens is a fashion acessory, a collector's lens, something that the silver version replicates for less money.  Hard heads and those that like the colour will get by perfectly well with the silver lens.  Furthermore there is an after-market silver hood available that does not cost much if a hood is required.

Obviously the Limited Edition price premium would not exist if it were not a "limited edition" therefore by definition stocks are as bound to run out as much as the price for the increasingly limited availability of the black lens will remain high until it is completely gone.

Very obviously a cynical marketing exercise by Olympus which will lose a lot of its effect if they were ever to make another batch and thereby make it less limited.  Would that Olympus let down the premium price buyers of the black lens any time soon then they would be pre-warned if the same methodology was re-run at a future date.

My guess is that the Limited Edition 12/2.0 is a one-trick pony but the success of this black lens might well induce them to make limited-only runs of the more (?) desirable black coloured lenses in future premium lens designs.  A handy way to get volume for a type and get a premium price for a separately coloured batch.

Cynical, but it seems to be working.

But it is a bigger problem for them if a buyer would not be "seen dead" with a silver lens nor willing to pay a substantial premium for a black one.

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