8 Beers you shouldn't drink

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Clearly you and the author know nothing about beer. Fish swim bladder is the traditional way to clarify beer. GMO corn is quite harmless. Syrup is a harmless cheap sugar substitute but you are best not to consume a lot of it, as sugar is not good for you in quantity. Processed food tends to be full of it. Anyway, most of those beers are tasteless carp, best avoided. I find Newcastle Brown and Guinness too sweet.

Stick to beer from your local brewery, or a small brewery. My local brewery is brilliant. Local cider is gorgeous, not like commercial ones. I can think of 4 breweries a short drive away, and one is a 5 minute walk. Plus I get used hops for the compost.

Drink German beer. It is pure.

Is German Beer Dead ? AS in Pasteurised ? like the Lagers we get over here

German Beer is fantastic

All beer from places that really do beer is fantastic.

British, Belgian, German, Czech - that oblique band across Europe produces the world's best beer - and all very distinctive too.

The Americans are learning to make beer, they have some halfway decent craft breweries, but they tend to mess around trying to make something special - good beer isn't deep in the culture yet.

Which is why British beers are now heavily influenced by American beers.

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