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Re: PS re settings

Re exposure and IMHO needing to push exposure and not underexpose the Merrill sensor: In Nevada I was usually pushing the exposure hard ... ISO100 rather than ISO200 AND adding +.3EV AND using probably too small apertures, often f/13 or f/11. (some might say diffraction set in but I wanted the maximum depth of field I could wring out with a supportable shutter speed). On a previous trip in the desert, I'd underexposed almost everything.

In initial review of the photos in the motel, I thought I'd overdone it.. ie overexposed everything this time. I had a chance to reshoot the Spring Mountain Escarpment by Bonnie Springs a second time, same general time of day, similar conditions, on the day we were departing, so I did straight f/8 ISO100. Home on my better computer, I think the f/13 +.3EV photos are probably better! I have to increase the exposure on the f/8 photos a lot by exposure slider + fill light slider to .2 or .3 I generally do not go over .3 on fill light.

My best advise: shoot a variety of settings! Experiment with processing!

At home in Virginia, I usually like standard colormode on my naturals and landscapes. On the desert photos, I think neutral is 'better' ... I recall Kendall G. usually prefers neutral.

Crazy, crazy detail of rocks & plants with that DP2Merrill; I just love that fine detail.

Best regards, Sandy
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