Why socialism doesn't work

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I pretty much agree with the fellow, but what we have now in the United States is crony capitalism where our taxes are diverted to Wall Street and the banksters. We now have an oligarchy getting rich at our expense and decimating the middle class that believes in the capitalist system. This is really too bad, as the socialists will point this out and exploit the ignorance of the masses. I'm surprised that Kev hasn't showed up with a reply. Oh Kev?

Why do liberals like yourself use the same stereotypical talking point catch words over and over, like 'banksters', 'oligarchy', etc.?

While I'll be! I thought I was a conservative. I'm a follower of the Austrian school of economics and hard money backed by silver and gold. I'm opposed to the Federal Reserve and the central banksters.

You might be a bit left for being a forum member here.

Here is a test: Do you believe the end is near and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse is about to happen?

No, but I do believe there's going to be a national reset. I believe we entered a depression in 2008, and it will continue getting worse for the average middle class citizen in the form of higher prices brought on by money printing by the Fed which causes inflation. The Fed does the only thing it can do, which is money printing which is given to the elite. As long as the Dollar is the reserve currency of the world we get a free ride. But the BRIC nations are catching on and are now beginning to trade in either their own currencies or gold, thereby bypassing the Dollar. If we lose that reserve status, foreign products will be going up. Think gasoline and food at double the price.

No, I definitely don't believe the end is near, but we will and are experiencing something like what my parent's had back in the 1930's: A depression. But they lived through it and then experienced the good times of the 1950's and 60's.

We experience cycles like our past generations. So, does the government outright devalue the Dollar, or does it do it stealthily through inflation? This country has never experienced being the worlds biggest debtor nation. We have never experienced having nearly 50 million people on food stamps, something that if they didn't get those, they would be rioting.

We will reset and come out of this depression. But it might take another 5 to 10 years. Remember the last great depression lasted from 1929 to 1945.

Strange that you sense a depression when the stock market is at all time record highs.

That's a very good question Mama. But there's nothing strange about it. The reason is that Ben Bernanke is pumping our money into the economy in the form of quantitative easing. Money printed out of thin air which we eventually pay for. It is only benefiting Wall Street and the elite. If the economy were doing great, we would have full employment, and we wouldn't have nearly 50 million on food stamps.

Would you prefer another great depression? Sometimes distasteful acts have to be done for the common good. Letting the banking and mortgage system collapse would have caused a nightmare. Even China printed money on a huge scale to prop up its economy.

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