Canon lenses smashed - how to spend the insurance?!

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Canon lenses smashed - how to spend the insurance?!

So my camera bag had a run-in with a vehicle and needless to say, the bag lost. 50mm 1.4 and 15mm 2.8 destroyed.

Fortunately my insurance has paid out - what's more since the 15mm has been discontinued I got enough to cover the newer 8-15. Result! Along with other bits and bobs that were damaged, I have around £2k to spend (approx. USD 3360). I'm thinking of using this time to refresh/upgrade my gear:

Current set-up:

Canon 5D Mark III (Unharmed, not in bag at time)

24-105 f4 L (Unharmed)

70-200 f4 L (Unharmed)

50 f1.4 (Broken)

15 f2.8 fisheye (Broken)

I use the fisheye a lot for action sports, and have already opted to replace with a used one from eBay (£450) rather than the new zoom version.

I'm considering selling the 24-105 and upgrading to a 24-70 f2.8 II.

I'm also considering replacing the broken 50mm with an 85mm f1.8 instead, since I mainly use the 50mm for portraits.

I generally shoot sports, events and travel/landscape. Not much studio stuff.

What do you all think? Should I go for the 24-70 plus 85? Or get another 50? Or even keep the 24-105 and go a different direction e.g. 16-35 f2.8?

Got some unexpected cash burning a hole in my pocket here...!

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