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LeRentier wrote:

Humours Dip wrote:

LeRentier wrote:

The French PM appeared on TV and spoke as if a nuclear bomb had hit Paris.
This was a one round no primaries election and the people spoke.
FN takes a little over 25% in France and leaves all others in the dust.
As usual, the politicians of the main stream parties don't seem to understand how this happened.

Why did the French vote for the FN? Is it a protest against the EU?

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When the people voted against the EU constitution, the politicians turned around, changed a phrase or two and called it a treaty, for which a vote in the parliament was enough.

In essence, the mainstream political parties gave the people the finger, today the people gave the finger to the political parties who played dirty.

The FN personifies the finger the people gave to the mainstream parties.

I'm very pleased with the result, which I also helped achieve by voting FN.

So basically the same as here.

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