mFT/camera industry: time to better adapt to smart phones?

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Re: PLEASE : NO bigger LCd for me...

RoelHendrickx wrote:

I really don't look on my camera's LCD all that often.

During a shoot I am concentrating on new shots happening, not on those already taken.

I use the OVF or EVF and seldom chimp.

For really critical focus checking, a larger screen will still not be sufficient, and it will chew up battery juice.

The current generation of LCD sizes is more than sufficient for any need I might have (in a camera). It's not like I'm reading internet pages on the back of a camera.

I prefer good physical buttons and a sufficient screen, over a bigger screen with less buttons. A touch screen is not necessary for me : I would just activate it with my cheek.

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Roel Hendrickx
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I'm with Roel. For working photographers, especially, chimping can be a curse, resulting in missing a good shot will reviewing one already taken. Also, those buttons are preferred to a touch screen because without taking my eye from the viewfinder I can use my thumb or fingers to make changes without having to look for a touchscreen icon.

I think Olympus, with the EM1 and EM10, have done a good job of incorporating wifi features without sacrificing the camera based utility many experienced photographers prefer. One reason I am actually interested in the Fuji XT-1 is the fact that the aperture ring is on the lens with a dedicated dial for shutter speed. As an old film slr shooter, using a combination of aperture ring on the lens and shutter speed dial on the camera feels more natural than pressing buttons to change modes of a wheel, or using two different wheels. That's obviously a personal and subjective opinion.

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