Tropical Sunsets with Bridges - Which is more appealing?

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Re: Tropical Sunsets with Bridges - Which is more appealing?

Of the two, I prefer the first one. The second just doesn't seem to have anything to really get hold of and focus on enough to be appealing.

But even with the first one, it doesn't quite do it. I like the tree, I like the sunset, I like the water, I like the clouds - I just think that the way it's put together doesn't do any of it justice. The bridges are so incidental to the shot as to not really add anything, so I don't think there was any need to include them. Maybe you tried to do too much, and as a result just missed out on a powerful image. But only just. The image certainly has lots to like. It's just about composition. I'd say have a play with what you've got and see if you can end up with something worth keeping from this image. If not, at least, once again, you'll have learned a lot from posting your photos and getting lots of very useful and very generous feedback from so many people here who have years and years of knowledge.

I wish I had the guts to do this a bit more often myself. I get put off doing so by the number of people who say that it's a 'gear' forum not a feedback one - and by the fact that I don't feel I'm taking any particularly good photos at the moment. But it seems people are more than happy to chip in with their opinions, and putting yourself out there to get feedback is the best way to learn.

Best wishes


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