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boxerman wrote:

I don't pretend to be an expert, but I'm happy to try to provide a little help.

I would put these at the high end of "vacation snaps." All nice; nothing really worth printing or putting on the wall. I don't have any technical issues (thought that would be worth thinking about for the most special of your shots). As I think others also suggested, more rare moments and configurations stand out. The diver and paddle-board/canoe are the best in that regard.

If I had one piece of advice, it would be look for something special, moments or compositions. I would love to have a vacation portfolio like yours, but "special shots" go a bit beyond.

Here's a link to a short set of pix we took on Maui in 2012 (about a month before I converted to m 4/3). They are, like yours "nice vacation snaps," but a few arguably transcend that about an inch. We did print and hang some of the Haleakala shots. Moody with the fog. I also like the composition on some of the beach shots, with a critical wave moment, and the bamboo forest was just cool. I think you have to work for great shots. On our last trip to North Shore Oahu, we spent 3 days shooting waves. I got 3 that I liked enough to print.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. I definitely took these photos with an eye towards being more than your typical snapshot (I have plenty of those in the catalog), but I guess I need some more work towards that end and obviously I have tons of room for growth in my photography. That said, I'd love if you could explain more concisely about what makes your photos transcend that line. Not knocking, but I'm having a hard time understanding/seeing what makes your photos of more artistic value than some I posted. Obviously we're talking about something very subjective so I'm not asking for some universal truth but rather a little more detail about what YOU think makes them transcend. I have some moody mist if that's what you're looking for .

I'm an engineer by trade so breaking free from the idea of right and wrong, true or false, 0 and 1, is probably the most difficult hurdle I'm facing. The more interpretive descriptions I can find about this topic the more my brain gets away from the binary world that I think in and into the grey area that art occupies...

11 - Moody Mist

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