Anybody owns both Sony A7 and 6D?

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Re: Anybody owns both Sony A7 and 6D?

If you were happy with the 5D2 the 6D will be an overall improvement. The focusing is much better and the ISO performance and DR is better.

About the A7 I cannot comment as I have not used it but I really doubt there is a 2 stop DR difference between the two. At least not in RAW. I tried Nikon D800 and the 5D3 before buying the 5D and the difference is not that big in RAW. I  Jpg there might be 2 stops but in Raw it is more about half a stop.

Also the Canon is a mature system that you can invest in. The A7 is a nice camera and it really got my attention  but we cannot know how will Sony deal with the system and how many lenses will they make for it.

So I would say go for the 6D.

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