California shootings - 6 Dead.

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Re: Don't you worry

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Is that the official start of the Mass Shooting Season ?

Yeah. I guess hunting season is over and target practice is done. Now for the real thing.

I know you saw the manifesto type video of the guy that committed this crime. A redneck hunter, GOP target shooter he was not.

So you spread falsehoods on this subject for fear of the truth being revealed...

In this instance, he was more like a closet gay guy who didn't receive the respect he thought he deserved.

He certainly didn't have any moral respect for others in his life… and as such, he was denied by society. So he took life into his own hands and stole the lives of others.

Don't you worry, there are more weirdos being born today than ever before, so you can expect more like this to continue to happen.

especially since we can count on the fact that the NRA will continue to allow these weirdos full access to any kinds of guns they desire. Background checks = tyranny, crazed morons with access to guns = freedom.

By all means blame the gun. Eliminate the gun and all the problems will go away - not. But do not blame the shooter, the parents, the schools or society in general. That would just complicate the situation. Much easier to blame the one and only bad thing - the gun.

The gun seems to be smarter than many posters. It is showing us that people have a serious problem.

How come Britain has so few mass killings?

Too drunk; and a totally repressive government.

I guess banning guns and knives on the street is repressive.

Brits can't hardly own a shotgun.

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