Why socialism doesn't work

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1) North Korea is not a socialist state, its a totalitarian state

2) Marx lived in the 19th century, whats the point in arguing theoretical ideas from 200 years ago, much has been learned since then and now we have 200 years of data and computer modelling that can help us fine tune our economic decisions in ways that Marx could not have dreamed of.

3) No one anywhere wants to go back to socialism as defined in his argument, but some Americans think socialism is providing a bit of healthcare to the poorest in their society, it is not.

4) A universal safety net is not socialism, it is a necessary part of a modern society because without it, society turns into a dangerous jungle and that reduces quality of life because society becomes violent and dangerous for all, including the successful and the wealthy.

5) All in all I would say that he is an idealogue and a utopian and is not a pragmatist or a realist.

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Doctors are bad for your lifestyle.

Marx was the worst kind of academic, the kind that sees nothing wrong with putting forward a theory about society based on dubious inputs. No wonder economics is the dismal science. Marxism has created a lot of suffering, all Marxist states seem to become tyrannys. That said, when he was writing people in the working classes had an appalling life. It was after WW2 that numerous European countries created a welfare state, with healthcare and unemployment benefit.

I agree with the speaker that so called socialism tends to create a pyramid of toadying.

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