Thanks Pentax for the largest selec... of APS designed lens

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Re: Thanks Pentax for the largest selec... of APS designed lens

awaldram wrote:

starbase218 wrote:

Pentax has released a WR super telephoto lens of 560mm, equal to a 840mm in FF. You can't dismiss it because its price is competitive with Nikons and Canons offerings.

It also has far fewer lens elements. So the lens is probably a lot cheaper to make for Pentax. Makes you think about what you are actually paying for.

Canon 600 F4 16 elements G2 & G4 Flourite no UD elements =$13,000

Pentax 560mm 7 ElementsF5.6 2 ED elements = $7,000

So every piece of plain glass in the Canon costs $666 to deliver 1 stop

or you could say $6000 to be Hoodwinked

I just looked up the price of the Pentax lens here in The Netherlands, and it seems to have dropped to 4200 euros, which is more reasonable. The Canon you mentioned costs over 12000 euros, but as you said, that's a stop faster (not to mention FF-compatible), so the glass has to be bigger. And it contains a lot more elements in the first place. In other words, there is a lot more raw material in it. And it has ring-type ultrasonic autofocus. Besides, you can put a 1.4x converter on it so you will have an autofocusing 1260mm equivalent lens when used on crop. So at least you get a sense of what you're paying for. But yeah, at 4200 euros, the Pentax is more reasonably priced, also in light of the Sigma offering (500/4.5 for 4500 euros).

Nikon do not have any 35mm aps-C lens

Pentax have the small 35 f2.4

Nikon = $196 = 200g

Pentax = $180 = 125g

Theres more to consider than F/stop when choosing a lens

75 grams... yeah that's a real pain. I'll have to take all the coins out of my wallet and leave them at home before I go shooting.

Pentax are not trying to "given that others manage to do it" they want to be different hence a comprehensive APS-C range and different options to 'the others'.

I don't want to be harsh but if you don't appreciate Pentax's strategy maybe your the one who made a mistake in your purchases ?

Not to be harsh, but maybe you shouldn't make assumptions about other people?

I don't believe in mistakes in that way anyway, just in learning as you go along. When I first chose Pentax, it was a K100D Super and it was my first DSLR. Where I was then is not comparable to where I am now. Maybe I will switch, I don't know yet. Or I will buy more 3rd party lenses. Despite my criticisms here, I still think Pentax has a lot to offer for people that don't need or want fullframe (like me). It's just that I don't understand some of the lens releases Pentax has made. Like I said, if you find it logical for a company to release 5 primes between 31 and 40mm and only 1 between 20 and 28, that's great. I don't, and I think it limits the potential of the Pentax system as a whole. What I do with that is up to me. Their bodies are top-notch; the K-3 is generally equal to or better than anything the competition has to offer on any subject (in the APS-C realm anyway). So the potential for the system is there. But I personally perceive the lack of a few lenses (really not that many) to be the weak link. That and the need for an update to the DA* line.

Speaking of the DA* line, it is also very confusing right now; the new tele is DA, the new TC is DA, and now we have HD coating too. Still there is a * lens on the roadmap. So what are Ricoh's plans for marketing the lenses? What will be the professional line? Will it continue to be DA*, or not?

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