X-T1 and 5D Mark III at my sons wedding - short comparison

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X-T1 and 5D Mark III at my sons wedding - short comparison

OK, I one both the Fuj X-T1 and the Canon 5D Mark III and yesterday, I got to try them both out at my Son's wedding. It was only at the end when all the dancing and talking was going on and at the bonfire we had. This was because my wife and kids had told me that I was to act like the host and not the photographer.

I always have a camera in my hand and shoot all the family and large extended family events. So for this special event I actually hired two professional wedding photographers but did get a chance to break these out together. Everyone on our side of the family kept giving me a hard time about how I must be dying not being able to pictures at such an event.

When I did finally get to take out my camera I was shooting in a tent, at night, with not the best light.

Anyway, back to my short comparison. On the Fuji I put the XF 56mm and found it often too slow focusing. I wasn't going for shallow depth of field. At events like these I often set up at f/4 or if I can f/5.6 to ensure subjects stay in focus, even after they move. The EVF, was set so it was bright and not faithful to the exposure (Screen Set-up -> Preview Exp. in Manual Mode -> Off) since I was using flash. So I could see my subjects great.

Here I still felt the camera was a little sluggish, getting focus, and getting on to the next shot. It did focus though. I have Screen Set-up -> Image  Disp. -> Off but every time it would show me the previous shot until I pressed on the shutter button half way. This was very distracting to me. I thought with image display off it wouldn't do that but for some reason the view finder always wanted to bring back the previous picture rather than just act continuously. Is there another set-up I need to change?

Also, I really miss the quick magnifying glass button to zoom in quick and check focus. On the X-T1 I need to spin the control dial to be able zoom in and check focus on a given shot. On the X-E2 I use the button and two or three quick pushes are faster than spinning the control dial.

Now the 5D Mark III. I was using the EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II which with back button focus setup it focus in an instant and blinked and flashed the focal point red quickly which was great with the darker OVF. Also, because of the Fuji's desire to show me my previous shot I could see much quicker on the 5DIII what I wanted to shoot next.

When I wanted to chimp the display and see my shot the ability to preset the magnification so that I was zoomed in how I wanted in one button push instead of spinning the control dial was much quicker. The Canon has half a dozen setups for the first button magnification which is great IMO.

Both cameras were set up for back button focus, my usual way of working

Also, I guess I need to take a look at the EF-42 or some other flash for the Fuji. I used a Vivitar 285HV flash with its zone thyristor on the X-T1 and not as happy with the results as using a 600EX-RT on 5D III. If you want to take great wedding shots with a flash and not have people over or underexposed you need a great flash that can easy adjust the flash compensation and the 285HV is very good but not easy to compensate. I have other manual flashes but their all to big to put in the hot shoe and with the X-T1 I was originally trying make the rig look smaller. My 5D III is gripped and with the 600EX looks very large (its almost the exact rig the pros I hired used.).

I love my Fuji's when I'm walking around and have no plans to give up on them but for event shooting I will probably continue to use my Canon's until I find a suitable flash setup and find ways to turn off the Fuji wanting to always show me what I just shot when when I raise the camera to my eye. I want to see what I'm about to shoot.

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