Sunset @ Penang (My first experience with 12-40)

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Re: Sunset @ Penang (My first experience with 12-40)

Good to see you experimenting with your camera.   Also good to see your self-criticism which is much more valuable than the opinions of others (such as what follows!)

I also engaged with the last image more than the others (to the point where I looked at it full size) probably because it had a subject that was more interesting (to me) than the others.  The  best part of a  sunset picture is the recollection of being there, and is therefore of more interest to the photographer than the casual viewer.

To me ...  the last image has an engaging subject, good composition* and great colour.  However, to be candid, it has a technical fault .... lots of noise.   I suspect that you shot that in JPEG and processed it to lift the darks.

So it is time for you to free yourself of the camera's  exposure meter and to use the EM-1's other exposure aids (histogram, blinkies) to determine your exposure in RAW.  If you haven't already done so, read Gollywops excellent article on Exposure Vs Brightening to free yourself of many misconceptions on the topic.

Most importantly ... have fun.


*composition .... if you shot another frame a few seconds later I would love to see it.  The towboat and paraglider would be a bit closer together, leading the viewer's eye deeper into the image.  Timing is of the essence when getting this kind of image.  Either that or "spray and pray", using slow burst mode.

I hope this helps.


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