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My suggestion

As mentioned before, there is no Panasonic SLR forum because there were only two models made, and they were made over six years ago, and as a result there are very few users.

The same thing is true for other brands. There is no Fuji SLR, Samsung SLR, Sigma SLR or Leica SLR dedicated forums either, even though all three made DSLRs some years ago. Sigma actually still makes an SLR, but doesn't a a forum specifically dedicated to SLRs.

The only forum dedicated to a long discontinued SLR is the Kodak SLR Talk forum, and my guess is their days are numbered. Since their fist page displays posts from "two days" (their most recent) to "seven months" old. If there were a Panasonic SLR forum, it would probably get the same sort of interest.

In contrast, the Micro Four Thirds forum displays posts from "1 min" to "16 hours" old on their first page. I think you can understand how much more traffic that forum gets.

I suggest you simply go to the Olympus SLR forum and do a forum search for "L1" or "L10" if you want to see posts about the Panasonic SLRs. The Olympus SLR Forum has long been the home for all posts regarding Four Thirds SLRs, even those made by Panasonic and Leica.

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